Furniture World


The domain Furniture.World is for sale! There are premium possibilities attached to this premium domain. There is only one FURNITURE WORLD and a domain name can’t be any better than this one!

Online selling is popular nowadays, and becoming more and more popular day by day. Nobody can ignore it anymore. Furniture.World is here to become a major player on the global furniture map.


General info
Catchy and memorable
It is very easy to remember

It will not be difficult for anyone to remember this domain. It can be advertised even on the radio and people will remember it and instantly know how to spell it.

Brandable, credible, trustable
Your domain speaks about your business

People trust a business under a premium domain name. can easily become a brand, and this name will add credibility and trust to any business.

Furniture World
Pretty short and simple
Only 14 characters

Google favours shorter domains and this one has only 14 characters including its extension. People prefer shorter domains and trust them more.

Google friendly
Ideal for SEO

A domain like is ideal for SEO. It is a gTLD extension, so it can rank equally to .com. It is also a pure keyword (with huge search) without any prefix or suffix.


Trust and Authority

Premium domain brings credibility

Today’s online surfers understand the difference between premium domains and cheap ones. It is logical that they will most trust a business that uses a premium domain name.

Brand Recognition

Premium domain explains itself

Premium domains are a good choice for a brand. By owning a premium domain your brand will be easily remembered, recognized, and trusted. Your brand will not have to be explained.

SEO Benefits

672,585 exact monthly searches for the kw furniture

Google and its algorithm should not be ignored when you are choosing your domain name. The exact search for the keyword furniture is 672,585 a month. contains the pure keyword furniture.


A premium domain helps your marketing

A premium domain like is pure marketing. It will promote your business in many ways, even without your interaction. It will also make your paid marketing more efficient.

Trust and authority
Premium domains give customers a sense of trust and authority. Users will trust more in doing business with, for instance, or than This gained trust is mostly due to the fact that today’s online shoppers generally understand that domains like and are rare and expensive; fly by night operations are not run on such expensive entity. This trust and authority directly influences purchase decisions leading to a higher conversion rate. Best of all, trust flows into other marketing aspects, such as email and display, as the domain is at the base of those efforts.
Remember, when your potential clients/costumers trust you, your conversion rate will be significantly higher. They will trust you more if you use a premium domain than if you run your business under some $10 domain name. They will also consider you as an authority in your niche if you use a premium domain such as
One other valuable advantage of premium domains is that they will attract attention while your potential visitor is still on Google and your website will most likely be visited before the one that is higher in search results but has a poorer domain. Imagine that you search for info about furniture or want to buy some furniture using your credit card. Will you believe more in or in You might not think about that, but your unconscious does. It will tell you that is cheap and might be a fly by night operation, while is rare and expensive and its owner invested in it, so it is most likely a serious and trustworthy business.

When you want to be trusted and build authority you should always choose a premium domain for your online business. No matter how much you pay for it, it will always be a cheaper solution than if you choose some $10 domain.

Brand recognition
Domains are deemed premium and expensive if they are memorable and easy to spell - two branding elements that are normally very expensive to acquire. Also with premium domain names such as,,, etc. you don’t have to guess what you will find - the domain makes the value proposition clear. This saves brands from having to invest significant amounts of money and time in branding to shape users’ perception of their offerings. is extremely brandable, catchy, and memorable. It will help you make your business known to the masses. It is also very easy to spell and it is clear what it is about.
There are only a few names that can be compared to this one. Some short made-up words are not a good comparison, as you will have to repeat them several times until the listener starts memorizing them. Not just that. Potential clients might not know what they can expect under some domain such as When you say, everyone will remember it instantly, know how to spell it, and have a picture of what s/he can expect from it. This domain is made to become a global brand.

SEO benefits
A domain name is also very important for SEO. Don’t listen to those who say otherwise, as the facts and numerous case studies prove them wrong. You need to understand SEO to be able to see the value of a domain.

.world is a gTLD and therefore can rank equally to .com. Google will make no difference between them when providing the search results. Many people have heard that exact match domains have lost their value. That is not true! The fact is that they lost the importance only in cases where the content (the website) under them is not a quality one. If you have two websites of the same quality and one is having an exact match domain (EMD) and the other doesn’t, you can be sure that the one with the exact match domain will be ahead in search results. Moreover, it can even have a slightly lower quality content and SEO and will still outperform the one with better content but without an EMD.

Google algorithm is updated and now it is not enough just to have an EMD to be high in the search results (like it used to be), but if you have an EMD with quality content, then you will experience the power of EMD. Low quality websites and an EMD are degraded in SERP with algorithm updates, but high quality websites under an EMD are still extremely authoritative (more than quality ones without an EMD).

Let’s imagine that we have two websites which both have a lot of content related to furniture and that they are both well optimized for the furniture keyword. Let’s say that their content and optimization is of the same quality and that they are using the same quality of meta tags and H tags, picture optimization, user experience etc. There is one more very important SEO factor - a backlink profile. Backlinks are one of the most important SEO factors. Let’s say that the website under an EMD has 10,000 backlinks and the website not under an EMD has 50,000 backlinks (and both websites have the same quality of backlinks). It is 100% certain that no matter the 50,000 backlinks that the second website has, the one with only 10,000 and under an EMD will be ahead in SERP. That is the power of EMD! If you only take the EMD from that website and replace it with some other domain, the one with 50,000 will be ahead in SERP.

An EMD will not help much nowadays if you don’t follow it with quality content and other SEO factors, but if you do, it will launch you to the top like no other SEO factor. That is the beauty of EMDs and only a few people truly understand this. is an EMD for furniture, a keyword with almost 1 million exact searches each month. is exact match in only two cases, like any other domain. The first case is for the keyword or keyword phrase on left of the dot and the second case is for the whole content, including the extension. In the case of we have an exact match for "furniture" and "furniture world". Google will treat this domain as an exact match only in those two cases. Of course, this domain can rank for many other search terms, but only in these two cases will it be considered as an exact match. Another example is It is an exact match only for searches for "Aarons" and "Aarons com". It also ranks very well for the furniture related search, but that is only because it is a quality and well optimized website. would outperform it with half of its SEO quality.

An exact match has special power. Let’s take the domain and the domain. If both domains had the same quality websites and optimization (or even if had a lower quality, but still quality website), then for the pure search of “furniture” would be way ahead, no matter whether the other domain also contained the keyword furniture. It is not the exact match, it is only a "keyword domain".

Don’t be fooled by the nonexact match domains being high in SERP. They simply have quality websites and other SEO factors, while an exact match domain for that specific search is still not developed or is developed poorly. However, it is a constant threat to the nonEMDs and if the owner decides to develop it in the right way, he will easily outperform the current authorities. is an exact match for the furniture search, and even if it is not a .com, it makes perfect sense and is still the pure furniture keyword without any prefix or suffix. The extension .world is a gTLD just as .com and they both have the same ranking possibilities.

Take a look at It is one of the leading websites related to data. It has a .world extension. It is the exact match for two searches: "data world" and "data". If you search for the keyword phrase "data world” (using the private search option of your browser to neutralize your cookies), will be shown in the first position in SERP. Note that is also a developed website with quality content, but is in the first position in SERP. If you search for the pure "data" keyword, even then is high in SERP based on the competition in this niche. It is close to even knowing that has twice the number of backlinks. By the way, was bought for $10,000 in September 2015, and it was a good buy.

Another example is Another domain with the new gTLD extension. If you search for the "Phoenix pizza" keyword phrase, you will see that is in the first position in SERP.

The keyword furniture gets almost 1 million, or to be exact, 672,585 searches a month, (data from May 2017). There is also some decent search for the keyword phrase "furniture world" (22,095 a month).

As is a pure match for the keyword furniture, it is able to rank for the furniture search exactly like

The keyword data gets 368,000 exact searches a month and now the website under the domain has about 100,000 visits a month. The keyword furniture gets 672,585 searches a month (plus 22,095 a month for the keyword phrase furniture world) and if the domain is developed in the right way, it will be getting huge monthly traffic.

You can achieve top rankings with any domain, but it is much easier when you have an exact match. That is a fact. Now think about building your SEO. If you want to be at the top of the search results for people who search for the keyword furniture, you will need to do very good SEO. If you take some brandable domain, you will need, let’s say, 3,000,000 backlinks. Do you know how much time is needed to get, or how much money you need to spend to buy the quality ones? If you take some keyword rich domain such as, you will need, let’s say, 1,500,000 backlinks. But if you take the exact match domain, it will be enough to have 100,000 backlinks and you will be among the top search results for the keyword furniture (assuming that your website is a quality one in each of these cases).

That is a very significant benefit of owning an EMD. For example, is getting dozens of thousands visits a month. Such huge traffic can be monetized iån numerous ways. There are local TV networks which don’t have such wide reach, and especially not so well targeted.

One other important fact is that Google confirmed that it favours shorter domains when it finds two websites of similar quality. can hardly be any shorter. It has only 14 characters, including the extension!

By acquiring the domain you will make a significant move toward the quality of your SEO and it will save you a lot of money and effort. At this moment the CPC for the keyword furniture is $1.64 and $0,83 for the keyword phrase furniture world (Google AdWords). By owning a domain of this quality you will be able to get significant (free) traffic from Google. 100,000 of those visits (the furniture search) are worth $164,000. Being familiar with this fact it is clear that investment in this domain would be a wise business decision. is a domain for serious business. You can do huge things with it much more easily than with any other domain.

Owning a premium domain makes marketing much easier. People will have no difficulties remembering your name, thus you will not have to spend extra money on additional space to repeat it several times in a commercial. When you are using a short domain name such as, you are getting additional advertising value. It will be easy to print it on your business card even if you have a large logo on it - you will still have enough space. You will even be able to have your full name in your e-mail address and it will still fit on your business card.

There is one other important advantage of using a premium domain in offline advertising. Premium domains are usually pretty short, catchy, and well known words. is all that. Let’s say that you want to advertise your business on some of the LCD displays on Times Square. It will be expensive and you want people to remember your domain name. is so easy to remember that you can be sure that those who see it will have no difficulties remembering it. Compare it to or some made-up word like It is clear that has no competition. People will remember your domain even if they see it only once for a few seconds.

Now let’s say that you want to advertise your business on billboards. A domain like, or, apart from looking cheap, can’t be printed in a large font, as it will not fit the billboard, so you will need to print it in a smaller font. If you think that it is not a big problem, read on.
Larger font is (obviously) readable from longer distance. If you are not able to use a large font to print your domain in, you will be losing potential customers because those far from the billboard will not be able to read your domain name. The difference between the font of 36 and 60 inches created the difference of readable distance of 240 feet (official data based on testing). It is logical that you will lease the billboards in some busy areas. The space of 240 feet (unreachable with smaller font) can be crowded by an average of 100 potential customers (per hour) who will not be able to read your domain on the billboard. That means you will be losing 2,400 potential views of your advertisement a day per billboard. If you run a campaign with 10 billboards for 10 days, you will lose 240,000 views of your advertisement and domain from your potential customers, and this was a very conservative approximation if we are talking about some busy areas. Now, if you value each of the views of your advertisement at just 10 cents, you will lose $24,000 just because your domain is not good enough for offline advertising. And this will be repeated every time you start a billboard campaign. Moreover, if your conversion rate of the views of your billboard advertisement is only 1% and if your pure profit per conversion is only $10, you will be losing $24,000 again, but in this case that would be the amount of pure profit that you’d miss. It is definitely a wise business decision to invest in a good domain, especially when it is an asset that will always have value.

A catchy and memorable domain like is ideal for offline advertising also because people will remember it after a single look at it.

Billboard Readability

Best Readable Distance                 Letter Height

30 feet                                                     3 inches
60 feet                                                     6 inches
120 feet                                                   12 inches
240 feet                                                   24 inches
360 feet                                                   36 inches
420 feet                                                   42 inches
480 feet                                                   48 inches
520 feet                                                   52 inches
540 feet                                                   54 inches
580 feet                                                   58 inches
600 feet                                                  60 inches

Furniture World - Billboard readability
Furniture World Billboard

Billboard Readability

Best Readable Distance                 Letter Height

30 feet                                                     3 inches
60 feet                                                     6 inches
120 feet                                                   12 inches
240 feet                                                   24 inches
360 feet                                                   36 inches
420 feet                                                   42 inches
480 feet                                                   48 inches
520 feet                                                   52 inches
540 feet                                                   54 inches
580 feet                                                   58 inches
600 feet                                                  60 inches

When it comes to online marketing, the most targeted way of marketing, remember that the keyword furniture gets 672,585 exact searches a month on Google.

If you are to pay for AdWords, you will have better Ad Quality Score with the domain, so your ads will have to pay less for CPC and will be ranking better because of the pure keyword furniture in this domain.

In general, a premium domain like helps both your offline and online marketing. Having a premium domain saves you a lot of marketing budget and secures better marketing results for your business.

Perception is the one and only unique domain.

It is not the same to own a FurnitureSuffix or PrefixFurniture domain and one of a pure keyword without any prefix or suffix in the extension which fits the furniture keyword more than any other. People recognize that, and if you use the domain, their perception of your business will become instantly positive.

Ideas for Usage

what to do with

Leading website related to furniture

You can use the domain to build a leading website related to furniture. It has the power to easily become a global brand which people will recognize at first sight. This domain is perfect for a global leader in the furniture niche. People are already sick of cheap names like Furtly, Furnitura, Furnitly, Sofasly, and similar meaningless names that are hard to remember and especially spell.

You can be publishing news about the furniture industry, or simply selling furniture. The choice is yours.

It will be easy to monetize it as the furniture keyword is getting 672,585 exact searches a month. You can do your own, or affiliate sales, and a lot more.

Your additional website

This domain may be used as your additional domain. You can use it for your additional website which will make you additional income and that people will trust. is no different from OK, it is, but not much (tip: is one of the best domains in existence and worth millions). It is very important that people trust a business, and owning a premium domain will definitely be of huge help to get the needed trust and credibility.

The name is credible, very direct, and memorable. It contains the keyword world, thus implies global operation. This name is easily understandable to people around the world.

Investment asset

When domain names are good, they are a very valuable asset. For example, the domain was sold for $650,000 USD in July 2016. In March 2017 we witnessed the sale of the domain name for $201,250. The domain was sold for $150,000 in 2015.

All these years furniture online sales are growing, but are still in its infancy. The premium ones, such as, will be worth a lot. It is very likely that this domain will be worth six figures after a few years.

Investment in this domain is not an expense as it will hold its value and most likely be significantly more valuable later. This domain is a true asset.

Affiliate furniture sale

Affiliate sale is very popular and profitable nowadays. By owning this domain you will have a better domain than 99.9% of the original furniture sellers. In many cases the biggest problem is trust. Unless you have already built your brand, people are not willing to send their funds to untrusted service providers.

This can be changed if you own a premium domain like It will give you the credibility and trust needed for running this kind of operation. There are many similar services operated by providers under names like FurnitureSuffix, PrefixFurniture, FurniThis, FurniThat etc. Almost all of them are using some cheap made up words as their domain. That will not give people confidence and make them send their funds to those unproven service providers.

However, if you use a premium domain like which will be instantly recognized as a rare type of ultraquality domain, you will gain trust from your potential customers and make more sales. It will boost your business.

Your additional brand

Many companies use several brands. You can use this domain as your additional brand with a separate website. That way you will have an additional top class selling funnel and your income will improve. is the perfect domain for a global online website which sells furniture. can easily become a trusted global leader that would serve shoppers who want to buy furniture online. 

You can also use this domain locally, but it will be ready to become global whenever you decide to go that way. For instance, IKEA could use by labeling it as: "Furniture World, a brand of IKEA". That way IKEA would be able to get visits from potential customers who didn’t search specifically for IKEA furniture. It is always good to have additional brands as they will improve your online presence and bring you more customers. It is not uncommon that additional brands become more successful than the original brand of a company. is made to be very successful.

Additional marketing purpose

Another possible usage of this domain is for your offline marketing efforts. You can print it on billboards in a large font so that it will be seen from a long distance (which means more views for the same price of a campaign). You can use it for your radio commercial to be sure that listeners will easily remember it as this domain is extremely catchy. You can print it on your business cards instead of using a longer name.

In any case, the address will be trusted by the masses because of the quality of this domain and therefore any business started under it will get an important boost to trust and credibility.

Whatever you decide to do under this name, you will easily become the authority in the world of furniture and this name will be remembered. It is very catchy and trustworthy, thus will give a cutting edge to your business. It is ideal for a global brand that will be widely recognized, but of course you can advertise it locally, and rest assured that the results will be magnificent.

Fair value of the domain

There is a widely accepted formula for calculating the fair value of a domain. It is known as the AxBxCxD formula and serves perfectly in the case of premium domains. The is definitely a premium one.

The factors in the formula are:

A = the number of exact monthly searches for the keyword (or keyword phrase) on the left of the dot

B = the number of the average CTR (Click Through Rate) on the result in the first position on Google (it is officially 32.5%)

C = the value of CPC (Cost Per Click)

D = turnover time (usually considered as 12 months)

In this specific case A is 672,585 (the number of exact monthly searches for the keyword furniture), B is 32.5%, C is $1.64 (the current CPC value for the keyword furniture) and D is 12. If the domain is not a .com, the fair value is usually calculated as 10% of the .com value (which is AxBxCxD), so we will have to use the following formula: AxBxCxDx0.1

Knowing all this we can calculate the fair value of the domain. It is:

672,585 x 0.325 x 1.64 x 12 x 0.1 = $430,185.36 USD


If you decide to capture the first position on Google for this mega keyword (furniture) and spend $100,000-$200,000 on SEO to achieve your goal, that should be enough if you know how to do your SEO. Now even if you deduct those $200,000 from the fair value, the value of $230,185.36 USD will still be left. Please click on the Buy It Now button bellow to see what is the BIN for this domain. Domain names are still deeply undervalued assets, as Bill Gates also said. Take this opportunity while you can.


Comparable confirmed sales

DomainSold forDate$650,0002016-07-31$231,5002010-04-14$201,2502017-03-22$183,0002017-02-14$160,0002016-08-07$150,0002015-03-06$140,0002015-06-14$130,4002011-09-07$120,0002016-08-07$115,0002016-08-14$100,0002015-07-05$100,0002015-06-18$85,0002011-07-21$75,0002016-02-02$60,0002016-01-13$57,5002010-01-01$52,5002016-01-11$50,0002016-04-13$50,0002016-04-06$50,0002016-01-25$50,0002015-06-14$50,0002015-03-27$50,0002014-07-16$45,4002006-01-17$45,0002016-11-27$40,0002016-03-03$40,0002015-11-01$40,0002015-07-27$40,0002015-05-29$40,0002015-05-19$37,5002011-04-13$35,0002016-09-30$35,0002016-09-30$35,0002016-06-21$35,0002016-06-21$35,0002016-03-03$35,0002014-11-26$35,0002010-06-23$33,0002010-03-10$32,5002013-12-04$31,0002007-10-17$30,0002016-04-07$30,0002015-09-24$30,0002009-10-14$30,0002007-07-31$29,0002015-12-02$28,0002017-02-23$28,0002014-11-28$27,8002014-05-14$25,5002006-01-17$25,0002016-09-18$25,0002016-04-25$25,0002016-04-10$25,0002016-04-06$25,0002016-04-06$25,0002015-06-07$25.0002015-05-04$25,0002014-09-24$24,0002011-03-30$22,5002016-11-11$22,5002016-04-10$22,1102014-04-05$22,0002015-02-08$22,0002014-09-03$21,3002016-10-27$21,0602007-09-11$21,0002007-07-24$21,0002006-01-17$20,1012006-01-31$20,0002017-02-19$20,0002016-11-01$20,0002016-10-20$20,0002015-07-14$20,0002007-07-10$20,0002007-04-18$18,2502006-01-17$18,0002015-02-18$18,0002007-01-24$17,7502006-01-17$16,6672006-05-30$16,3182016-10-25$15,2502006-01-17$15,2502006-01-17$15,0002016-09-30$15,0002016-06-21$15,0002014-11-19$14,1112016-10-13$13,5002014-12-24$13,0002015-12-10$12,5602010-02-11$12,2502006-01-07$12,0002015-10-25$11,8502008-05-20$11,0992008-04-18$10,3202010-08-18$10,0002016-06-12$10,0002015-09-20$10,0002015-09-06$7,4852008-07-15$5,0002016-05-09
These sales represent only a small portion of the reported and confirmed domain sales. There are many other confirmed and comparable sales that have occurred in the mid five figures range. You can type the keyword "furniture" into the search box to see the results containing only the keyword furniture, or "2017" to find only the recent sales.

Math - Profit Calculation

This will be a very conservative calculation, but even that should be enough to help you realize how valuable this domain is.

Please read all the content on this page. There are plenty of benefits that this domain brings, and in this calculation we will only use one of them.

First of all, this domain is much better for SEO than most of the others. Please read the SEO benefits section if you have not already.

You can get to the first position in Google results for the furniture search with this domain much more easily than with some other domain. However, you should really be dedicated to that goal as the competition is strong. If you are very serious about your business, you can achieve that and expect tens of thousands of visitors to your website a day, and huge daily profit, of course.

In the other case it will be enough just to create a quality website which will be well optimized and you will be on the second page (at least) for the furniture search and most likely on the top of the search for the keyword phrase furniture world. You will be getting at least 1% of the total search for the furniture keyword. That is still a high number, 6,725 a month, to be exact. That means 224 visits a day. No matter whether you will be selling furniture, ad space, earning commission for selling furniture, or anything else, let’s say that you will make pure profit of just $30 per conversion. If you have the conversion rate of only 1%, you will have 2 conversions a day, thus make $90 of pure profit a day. That will be $2,700 a month, or $32,400 a year. The usual conversion rate is about 3%, and premium domains usually have even better conversion rate, so with the domain you can expect to have a conversion rate higher of 3%.

However, let’s see your pure profit if you were to get 2% visits of the total search and if your conversion rate were 3%. Then 2% of 672,585 exact monthly search is 13,451 and 3% of that is 403. You would have that many conversions in each month, and if your one conversion means only $30 of pure profit for you, then you would be making $12,090 of pure profit a month, or $145,080 a year. Impressive, right? Well, that is very real.

If you thought the fair value calculation for this domain was unreal, now you can see why it is really fair. Remember that this profit calculation was very conservative and based only on the free Google visits based only on search for the keyword furniture.

The purchase price of this domain can easily be recouped with profits very soon, and the best thing is that this domain will always be valuable, so it will also be an asset for your business.



When you see the domain you know from the first moment that it is special, no matter whether you understand domains or not.

Whoever visits will consciously or unconsciously know that s/he can trust the site/business under it.

This domain is definitely a premium one, and the registry also marked it that way. It is a single-word domain, pure keyword without any prefix or suffix, a turbo strong keyword, gTLD, and the perfect match for the keyword and the extension. It contains only 14 characters in total (plus the dot). It is catchy, memorable, and able to rank with privilege for one of the most popular keywords today (672,585 exact monthly searches for the keyword furniture).

It looks good, it ranks well, it will improve your SEO, it will add credibility to your business, it will make your marketing easier, and a lot more. is truly premium. is a domain with the gTLD extension (.world). It means Google treats it equally to how it treats the .com extension.

Moreover, the furniture keyword gets 672,585 exact searches a month! Even if you will be in the 5th or 10th position with this domain for the furniture search on Google, you will still be getting a significant amount of targeted traffic for free! 

In the eyes of Google and are domains with equal ranking chances. If you add only a single character to the keyword, it will decrease SEO possibilities. It is not the same if you have a pure keyword or if you have a keyword with additional character(s). Any prefix or suffix influences SEO. This domain is a single-keyword domain and a pure keyword. This is very important and makes a big difference.

You have to truly understand SEO to understand the value of this domain. SEO is only one of the many factors that make this domain extremely valuable.

You can learn more about the SEO benefits attached to the domain here.
Premium domains like give customers a sense of trust and authority. Users wil trust more in doing business with, for instance, or 

Single-word domain in a good gTLD extension always comes with credibility and trust.

This gained trust is mostly due to the fact that today’s online shoppers generally understand that domains like or are rare and expensive. Fly by night operations are not run on such expensive property. This trust and authority directly influences purchase decisions leading to a higher conversion rate. Best of all, trust flows into other marketing aspects, such as email and display, as the domain is at the base of those efforts.

If you want an instant credibility, authority, and trust for your business then you should acquire a premium domain. The would be a very wise choice.
This domain is typed in several times every day (type-ins). That is traffic that someone calls direct traffic. It means that there are people who type the exact domain name into their browsers.
The domain is currently at Uniregistry and the renewal fee is $440 a year. It is a premium domain (marked that way by the registry too) and just like all other premium domains in new gTLDs it has a premium renewal fee.

Owning a premium domain is much better and cheaper than owning brick and mortar downtown. For brick and mortar you could easily be paying four or even five figures a month, while for this domain you have to pay only $440 a year. It is nothing compared to all the benefits that come with this domain.

Many other premium domains have renewal fees of several thousand or even $10,000+ a year (for instance, has the renewal fee of $1,150 a year).

You can transfer the domain to any registrar. The standard renewal fee for this domain at other registrars is $400-$499 a year.

The next renewal will be in April 2018.
The name Furniture World is used in many extensions and variations. Here are just some of them:

The domain is much better and shorter than any of these domains. Take a look at them, and take a look at Which one looks better? :-) Which one you would trust more?
Remember that is also a single-word domain, a pure keyword. Google favours this fact.

The furniture keyword, as a pure keyword in a single-word domain, is used in numerous extensions. It is even used in extensions such as .tech, .porn, .sex, .tel, .site, .live, .live, .link, .work, .run etc. There are only a few extensions which fit the furniture keyword like the .world one.

The .fun extension is one of the rare ones in which this keyword is still available, but that is only because it is a new extension. The registry is asking $6,000 just for registration of and it is very likely that it will be taken soon, although it does not make much sense. is one of the best possible furniture related domains and on par in quality. While can’t be purchased for anything less than seven (maybe even eight) figures, you can acquire the domain for low five figures.

The lack of availability of the keyword phrase Furniture World and the keyword furniture in numerous extensions proves how valuable is.
Furniture World premium domain

  • It is a premium domain
  • Pure furniture keyword without any prefix or suffix
  • Perfectly fits with the extension
  • It is a gTLD, thus can rank equally to .com
  • 672,585 exact searches a month
  • Improves SEO and rankings
  • Easy to remember and spell
  • Adds credibility and trust to a business
  • Creates positive perception of the business
  • Many possible uses
  • Huge industry full of further potential
  • Holds its value
  • Can be an investment for reselling with profits
  • Secure escrow purchase enabled
In short, the domain is a premium domain which will add credibility and trust to any business. It is a one of a kind, catchy, and memorable name (which is also a pure keyword) together with the high number of exact monthly searches (672,585) - a winning combination. Take a look at the success of the domain (both the rankings and the visits). has much greater potential and the keyword furniture is searched almost 2x more than the keyword data.

Like it is important that your house has rock-solid foundations and looks nice from the outside, it is just as important that your domain name is a quality one and looks nice to your potential customers.

How to purchase

You can purchase the domain in several ways. We prefer or Payoneer Escrow, but you can also use SedoAfternic, or even if you contact us. 

Payment methods are various. While we can accept even the Bitcoin, all of the mentioned platforms offer wire payment and possibly a credit/debit card payment.

In case of purchase through Sedo or Afternic you don’t have to contact us. Simply follow the instructions on those platforms (they offer secure escrow transactions).

In case of (our preferred) transaction you need to contact us after you send payment to to inform us about the account details of the account on which you want to receive the domain. Then we will send the domain to you, and only after you confirm to that you received it they will release the payment to us.

In some cases we can also accept a payment in instalments (financing plan).

Moreover, if you want to invest in this domain with the intention of reselling it, we can keep this website active for you at no additional cost. In that case we can replace the current contacts and links with the ones you will provide.

You can always contact us if you have any question.

To purchase the domain right now through the secure platform please use the "Buy It Now" button below.

Furniture World


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