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Learn more, do it for your business

There is only one FURNITURE WORLD, and this domain name is the only choice for the original one. No matter whether you already run a successful furniture business, you should consider purchasing the domain name. McDonald’s would not be what it is today if they owned only one restaurant. It is the same with the online business. With more domains you will get more visits, and more visits means more sales and profits. Simple as that.

Read the main info page. It will take only 5-10 minutes and help you make a decision that will boost your business and drastically improve your sales.

Many successful companies own a lot of domains and run different websites in the same niche. That way they get much more visits than they would with only one website.

The domain will always be valuable, so it will be an asset to a business, with the possibility of resale, but while you will be using it this domain will bring you a lot of profits and earn you the invested money back very soon. Check out the fair value of this domain and the profit calculation.

To make $18,000 a month in pure profits you need to make only 20 sales a day, assuming that you make $30 on average per sale. With that is reachable! If you build a nice and user friendly website and your offer is good with competitive prices, then you should expect at least the conversion rate of 1%. That means that you need only 2,000 visits a day to make $18,000 a month in pure profits. By owning this domain it will be really easy to reach the first position in Google search for the keyword phrase furniture world (there are 22,095 monthly searches for this exact keyword phrase). You can check out and their success. Knowing that the first position in Google results usually gets at least 32.5% of the total search for that specific keyword you can count on at least 7,180 visits a month only from the search for the keyword phrase furniture world. The keyword furniture gets 672,585 exact searches a month. With this domain, and with quality website and smart SEO, you will be at an advantage over many other domains and able to reach the first page for the furniture search. Even if you were to be at the bottom of the first page you can count on 10% of the total search for the keyword furniture, and that number is 67,258. You should expect that many visits from people who searched for furniture. Those are very targeted potential customers, so a conversion rate of at least 1% will not be a surprise at all. Using the basic math we can calculate that you will be getting 74,438 visits a month, and that is a number of visits that will be generated only by the search for the keywords furniture and furniture world. You will be getting other visits too. 1% of 74,438 is 744, or in other words, you will be making 744 sales a month. If your pure profit per sale is only $30, then 744 sales mean a pure profit of $22,320 a month! This domain enables that! You should understand SEO to understand this completely, so please be sure to visit the SEO benefits section where you will learn more about the SEO power of premium domains like this one.

The purchase of this domain will be your ticket to the first league of furniture sellers. is an ultra premium domain and will launch your business into the first league. Don’t be afraid to step out and become one of the leaders on the global furniture market.

Most people are still not aware of how powerful the Internet is and what it can do for their businesses. Many business owners struggle to get decent traffic to their sites, but are not aware that in many cases the reason is that they were cheap when they needed to buy a domain and now they are facing the consequences. Besides the incredible SEO power of a good domain there are many other factors because a business needs a premium domain. If we ignore the SEO benefits (which are huge), let’s take a look at offline marketing, for example a radio campaign and a billboard campaign. Let’s take the as an example and assume that the total number of people who have heard the radio commercial was 500,000 and the total number of people who have seen the billboard(s) was also 500,000. That is a million people. It is guaranteed that at least 20% of them will not remember, or spell, the domain name correctly, or will not be able to read it because they were far from the billboard etc. That will be 200,000 of them. If your radio commercial and billboards motivate 10% to visit your website, that will be a loss of 20,000 potential customers just because of the bad domain name. 20,000 of them, with the conversion rate of only 1% and a pure profit of only $30 per sale, should produce a loss of potential profit in the amount of $6,000. Can you afford that? Your radio campaign and your billboard campaign will cost you the same, but with a premium domain they will produce a better result for your business. And this is only one minor reason why you should own a premium domain like No matter how successful you currently are, you will be even more successful by owning Use it for your additional website and make more profits.

You may not know, but the domain name was purchased in July 2016 for $650,000, and it was a good purchase for a fair price. However, is globally a better domain! It is also priced at the single-figure percentage of the amount that was paid for This is an opportunity that you should not miss!